Run a Better Set with RABS

Less on Compliance. More for Creative.

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Manage Background, Not Paperwork - With RABS, It’s Easy (click on Easy)

RABS gives you an all-digital complete process from Casting to A.D.s to Accounting. Streamline your shooting days, simplify processing background from prep through payroll.


Speedy On-Set

Simplify your A.D. day with digital documents, a live updating check-in, and notifications, for a smoother call and an instant check-out.


Faster After-Set

With RABS’s Wrap™ technology, an automatic breakdown goes right to your P.R., while background docs and a calculated spreadsheet go right to Accounting.


Quick Support for Set

Our team is here whenever you need help. Ticket, email, text or call for no-wait assistance.

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Ditch Old, Cumbersome Paper Vouchers, Long Chaotic Lines, and Sloppy Breakdowns.

Skin™ and Wrap™ technologies ensure documents are complete, costumes are returned, and check-outs are short and sweet.


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RABS Works Like You Work

Android or Apple, Studio or Indie. RABS works on your devices and with your budget.

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Green, Great and Cuts Out Wasted Hours

You’ll save time, money, and paper. Background complete docs digitally, for smoother calls and check-outs.


Built for Your Unique Crew

RABS is customized for the unique experience of your show. We know the process, from the inside, and can meet your needs for A.D.s and Accounting -- ask us and we won’t even groan. We can do it!


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RABS Pays for Itself and Saves Money

RABS has NEVER cost a show more money than RABS has saved a show. NEVER. You’ll save on wages, turnarounds, and A.D., Accounting efficiencies.

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RABS from Crew

In the accounting realm, RABS makes diligence practical. It’s near impossible to be as efficient and accurate with paper vouchers as it is with this system. Your company is a game changer.
— Melissa E. - Payroll Accountant
RABS helped organize the hiring, overseeing and payment of stand-ins and extras on our show, making what can be one of the most difficult aspects of production a breeze.
— Jim B. - U.P.M
My own personal experience with RABS has been quite fantastic. This system allows me to be more present on set and with the extras as well. Taking out the paper from the equation is a great choice for production. Overall working with RABS is a true time saver and It will be hard to move back to using vouchers.
— Laura C. P.A
The value of RABS to the accounting staff transcends efficiency. There are no missing times, no incomplete fields, and no lost I.Ds. You’ve created a great product that will benefit any show that uses it.
— Rick M - Finance Executive

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Run A Better Set will arrange an in-person or remote demo. It will take 30 minutes or less.

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