Our background is Background…

Run A Better Set builds apps to streamline the shooting days of studio productions.

Background - the people on the street, in bars, in the background of scenes, are paid employees. Managing background is dramatically complicated. That's why Run A Better Set was founded.

Our first app, RABS, was developed to modernize and streamline managing background, turning what was once a laborious, paper-intensive, and ineffective process into the most efficient workflow on set.

The team’s an eclectic and talented group of industry veterans and we prioritize maintaining strong, and meaningful relationships with clients and users. Most of all, the team's passion for the business influences their approach to RABS and RABS users. Everyone at Run A Better Set loves this business.

The company's mission is in the name - run every set, better. RABS focuses on background, our curiosity reaches each department on set. Today, RABS works with Casting, A.D.s, P.A.s, Payroll, Accounting, Producers, Production Supervisors, Financial Controllers, Studio Physical Production, Finance, and Technology Executives, Payroll Companies, Background, Costumes, Props, and more.

Run A Better Set is a company of integrity, grit, responsibility, challenge, and action. These five values inspire our team to love the business, to respect and value the client, and to see the unseen ways to make a set better.

RABS was founded in Chicago, currently offices in Philadelphia, and works everywhere that productions are made.