An App Where It Counts


Neat, Complete Delivery

Every document, from voucher to residency, is delivered into a secure and organized accounting suite.

Calculations Calculated

Automatic spreadsheet with your daily actual spend with fringes, pre-calculated. It’s like having an additional clerk.

Sharing And Backups

Download the docs or back them up in app. The app shares them with your preferred payroll company.

Insightful I-9’s

Whether E-Verify or otherwise, RABS creates unprecedented i-9 compliance. Unify payroll to crew to casting, to keep your studio and set free of fines.

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It All Adds Up!

Maximized Tax Incentives

15% Savings On Background Payroll

Faster Payroll Turn Around

No More Shipping, Scanning, Peeling Vouchers

Accurate, Immediate Hot-Cost

Calculated Line Item Payroll Spreadsheet

Never a Missing Field or Document

Hot-Cost Savings

Tracked State Residency Docs and Back Up I.D.s

Minimizes Payroll Disputes

Validated I-9’s


The Accountant’s Best Friend

You’re the U.P.M’s trusted source to see if they can make something work for the show. It’s time to have an app that works for the show and for you.

You’ll see RABS eliminate chasing documents and the gaps to let you do your job. You’ll see RABS make wrapping a show easy, especially come audit time. You can’t beat the below-the-line savings, improving your clerks’ lives, and, in turn, yours too. The next time your U.P.M walks into your office looking to save money, pass it on. It’s time to Run A Better Set with RABS.

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