People, Not Paperwork


Assistant Directors experience paperless check-ins, tracked meals & MPV, live updating counts, instant wrap™:

  • No prepping PAPERWORK

  • The RABS Skin® keeps counts by role and totals, live.

  • Wrap™ technology enables you to wrap™ BG in seconds.

  • Simple & efficient I-9 compliance.

  • An automatic breakdown right to the P.R.

  • Earlier turnarounds. FINALLY someone did it.

My own personal experience with RABS has been quite fantastic. This system allows me to be more present on set and with the extras as well. Taking out the paper from the equation is a great choice for production. Overall working with RABS is a true time saver and It will be hard to move back to using vouchers.
— Laura C. BG Pa

Quick Support For Set

Our team is here any time you need support. Ticket, email, text or call for no-wait assistance. Consider us part of your crew. If you’re working, we’re working.

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