How RABS Makes A Happier A.D.


Digital Skin

Use our digital Skin for a smooth and fast call, to check in background in seconds.

One-Click Wrap

End the day instantly. Breakdown done.

P.R. Ready

Real-time, digital, delivery to Accounting.

More Time For You

Focus on the screen and doing your best work. Let RABS handle the stress.

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Plenty More Perks!

No More Background Paperwork

Live Updating Counts

Faster P.R.

Notifications In-App

Quickly To Costumes

Easy Background Management

Calculated M.P.V and N.D.B

Scales On Big Sets

Fast And Efficient

Greater Oversight

A Green System

Earlier Turnaround

More Sleep And Time for You

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Catch A Break: Ask For RABS

You’re the person in the field. You know what you need to get the job done. Let the U.P.M know how much better your department can be with RABS. They’ll save money on background payroll, A.D. time, chasing form completion. You’ll save your sanity.

After all, you’ve been in charge of background. You’ve spent hours after wrap collating vouchers and filling out breakdowns. You’ve explained how to complete an I-9 about 10,000 times. Maybe, as you read this, you’re waiting in the trailer for that breakdown. It’s simple. RABS saves your show more money than it costs - so save the money and enjoy the benefits. It’s time to Run A Better Set with RABS.