Testimonials & Stories

Crew testimonials to the value of RABS come from their real RABS stories on set. Their experiences with the RABS apps highlight why you should use them too.

RABS Testimonials & Stories


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

In 2019, our single biggest BG day was with the Amazon Prime series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The show cast, wrangled, dressed, and paid nearly 900 BG in a single day.

With RABS, all 900 BG were ready to go, I-9s completed, and finished hair, makeup, and costumes, over an hour and a half before they were needed.

The crew was able to check out all 900 within an HOUR.

NYC Casting by Grant Wilfley Casting. | Miami Casting by Front Runner Casting

“RABS saved my wrists and my sanity on more than one occasion.” – Chad S. BG PA
Run A Better Set
Run A Better Set


On our first Netflix series, Daybreak, we discovered a problem! On big days, it was too easy for BG to go without completing their RABS unnoticed.

This lead to our breakthrough Wrap® technology, giving ADs and PAs an entirely new set of tools to efficiently ensure BG completed their starts.

Filmed in Albuquerque. Casting by Latham Casting.

“In the accounting realm, RABS makes diligence practical. It’s near impossible to be as efficient and accurate with paper vouchers as it is with this system. Your company is a game changer.” - Melissa E. Payroll Accountant

American Soul

American Soul seasons one and two discovered the ubiquity of ease of RABS. RABS technology was the only digital startwork system in the office. RABS simplified the payroll accounting and hot costing of an otherwise complex period show.

Filmed in Atlanta. Casting by Hylton Casting.

“RABS helped organize the hiring, overseeing and payment of stand-ins and extras on our show, making what can be one of the most difficult aspects of production a breeze.” – Jim B. UPM
Run A Better Set
Run A Better Set

The Purge

Our first studio series! The show was terrific, provided us with invaluable feedback, and despite our learning curve, RABS delivered savings and cut OT while tracking those tricky Louisiana tax incentives.

Filmed in New Orleans. Casting by Caballero Casting.

More crew testimonials & stories to come from: Untitled Vigilante Project, Sweet Magnolias, Greenleaf, The Right Stuff, Sweet Girl, Mare of Easttown, Untitled Art Project, Here Today, and Hollyhock.

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