RABS Apps & Services include production training & a 24/7 helpdesk. Consider us another crew member; we work when you work.

RABS App & Digital Background Voucher

The elite production suite! Complete with Digital Voucher, Skin®, Wrap®, and Hot Cost technologies.

  • Digital Vouchers, Payroll Company Agnostic
  • Skin® Technology
  • Wrap® Technology
  • Instant Hot-Costing
  • Released and Received Authorization System for Digital Voucher Transfer
  • Customized Digital Startwork
  • Digital Photo Releases / NDAs
  • Technically and Substantively Compliant I-9s
  • Live Digital Startwork Archive, Organized by Day
  • End of Show Archiving of Digital Documents
  • Unlimited Units
  • Unlimited Crew Users
  • Unlimited Virtual Training For Crew
  • One Day of On Set Support For Crew
  • 24/7 Helpdesk
  • Private Show URL
  • End to End Encryption
  • Data Privacy Shield Compliant
SIT: Safety Interactive Training

Interactive training on safety protocol for background before they arrive to set. Built for the new, social distanced sets.  

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  • Interactive Questionnaire
  • Fully Customizable Questions and Answers
  • Live Monitoring of Completion
  • Indemnification of Production
  • Delivery of Additional Attestation Documentation
  • Tracked Completion
  • All new protocol documents, digitized and included. 

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** Add-On To RABS App & Digital Background Voucher

Ships: Sexual Harassment Interactive Prevention Suite

A must for all shows in New York City and State. The most up to date and compliant resource available.

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  • NYC and NYS Compliant
  • Customized Policy Documentation
  • Delivery of NYC and NYS Standard Required Policies in English and Spanish
  • Interactive Requirement Compliant
  • Certificate Generation
  • End of Show Retention and Delivery of Digital Certificates

** Add-On To RABS App & Digital Background Voucher

Did you know: The 1982 feature, Gandhi, holds the world record for most background and extras in a scene? Nearly 300,000 extras performed, of which 100,000 were paid. Imagine that paperwork! How much easier their lives would have been if they had the RABS Apps & RABS Digital Voucher.

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PRIVATE CASTING Database & Apps – for the background casting directors

Simplify how you book background, even the most complex scenes. Own a private database that grows with you and can be customized to exactly what you want. 100% of your talent will always be 100% yours.

RABS Apps & Services
Custom Database for Background Casting.

Casting Database for the background casting director

  • Private Ownership of Your App
  • 100% Private, Secure Database
  • Your Company's Branding Included
  • Fully Customized
  • Casting Call System
  • Text & Email Integrations
  • Automated Availability, Requests, and Bookings
  • Directors Select Photo Sharing
  • Automatic Skin® Creation
  • Call Time Confirmations
  • 24/7 Support
  • Annual Customizations
  • Elite Security
  • RABS Preferred Casting Status
  • More features: Click Here

RABS doesn’t cast. But the RABS Apps & Services will help you grow your background casting business. Remember, these are private, custom background databases! Click on the Casting logos to demo the talent side of:

Heery Loftus Casting in Philadelphia.
Grant Wilfley Casting uses the database to cast the finest projects in New York.


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