Skin enables a day where an A.D’s tasks, which once took hours, can be completed in seconds. Skin is speed, accuracy, communication, and unprecedented ease. 

Manage any number of extras with Skin. Instantly validate paperwork. Watch as counts are tallied, costumes and props are lent, calls update, bumps change, and extras arrive. 

From rates and roles to stand-ins and smoke bumps, with Skin, it's no pens, no paper, no problems.

I remember days where it was already hour thirteen or fourteen, and I’d have a line of extras to the end of a parking lot. It could take me an hour to sign them out, and it wasn’t even over then.
— Josh R. A.D.

Wrap instant


Forget mistakes - Wrap doesn't allow anyone to leave set whose paperwork is missing, whose costumes and props are out, whose residencies aren't validated. Wrap is instant insight for the people who depend on extra's paperwork.

For Accounting, every document, every I.D, every extra, neat, complete, organized, and easy. A Wrap breakdown and spreadsheet automatically tracks all details Accounting needs.

Wrap allows seamless, effortless delivery to a show's Payroll company. It transforms an Accountant's job from weeks of stressful paperwork into stress-free days.